About us

FARE is a professional platform - dedicated to agro-industry, associations and entities - which expresses specific international skills in the legal and regulatory areas, of public & regulatory affairs, communication, strategy and technique.

FARE is a division of Wiise Srl, a company that operates in Milan, Genoa, Rome, Brussels and Shanghai, making use of a network of collaborations and professional, institutional and commercial contacts.

FARE is the reference point for economic operators, associations and entities that - at national, European and international level - deal with the various systems of rules and commercial practices in the sectors of food and drink, feed, contact materials and consumer goods.

A meeting point for real-time knowledge of what is happening at the political and administrative level in the sectors food and feed, food contact materials, consumer goods. FARE offers technical-legal and regulatory advice on aspects of commercial information and product labeling, food safety and risk management, from the analysis phase of emerging risks to that of mitigating their effects. National and international contracts, protection of industrial property rights. And finally, initiatives and programs for the protection and defense of the interests represented - but also to research, stimulate and seize new opportunities - in associative, administrative and political contexts.

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