Dario Dongo

Lawyer, expert in international food law and journalist, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - FoodTimes) and co-founder of the Food Made.

Andrea Adelmo Della Penna

Andrea Adelmo Della Penna

Graduated in Food Technologies and Biotechnologies, qualified food technologist, he follows the research and development area. With particular regard to European research projects (in Horizon 2020, PRIMA) where the FARE division of WIISE Srl, a benefit company, participates.

Valerio Amelina


Valerio Amelina, lawyer specialized in food law and external consultant of Bucci S.r.l. for the preparation of commercial agreements.

Alessandra Mei

Alessandra Mei

Graduated in Law from the University of Bologna, she attended the Master in Food Law at the same University. You participate in the WIISE srl benefit team by dedicating yourself to European and international research and innovation projects.

Carmine Milone


Food technologist specialized in economics and management of the food system. Expert in quality management systems, he collaborates with FARE in the technical and audit areas.

Frances Agostini

Lawyer expert in contracts and corporate law.

Luca Foltran

For over 15 years it has been operating in the packaging and materials sector intended to come into contact with food substances and related legislative changes. He manages the information site on European and extra-European regulations in the field of materials intended for contact with food.

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