Training and

An indispensable prerequisite for responsible management of activities is professional training. Especially in a complex sector such as the agri-food sector, where the operators of the supply chain and their representatives, territorial and sectoral - as well as for the inspectors, public and private - need appropriate training and updates on regulatory and technical systems in constant evolution.

With a view to adding value, in terms of risk and opportunity analysis, as well as optimizing the activities and organizational procedures, often subject to certification.

The FARE team has a unique experience in organizing conferences and training events for public bodies and private companies (see the register and calendar attached), to deepen their knowledge on related technical-legal and commercial aspects. to the agri-food sector, within the EU ed extra-EU.

The services are managed in traditional ways - such as the organization of meetings, seminars and workshop on specific topics, coordination of working groups and institutional - and innovative - visits, through systems of e-learning, webinar, forum conversation in videoconference.

Finally, the FARE team is responsible for proposing and contributing to access to co-financing tools e sponsor for conference and educational activities.

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