2017 EU Food Law. Our wishes

food law

PAL (Precautionary Allergen Labelling) The most important novelty of Regulation EU 1169/11 (FIR) with no doubt is the attention given to allergens inf…

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Allergens, declaration and risk management. Towards a harmonized European approach


EU regulation 1169/11 perfected the consumer information regime on the presence of allergenic ingredients in food products. The best (1) are yet to be…

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Extra-virgin olive oil labels, where to position the sector-specific mandatory information


Regulation (EU) No. 29/2012,(1) provides that “The mandatory particulars described in the first paragraph of Article 3(2) and, where applicable,…

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Nutrition & health claims, B2B information, trouble at the Court of Justice


‘The Great Illusion’ is the term that best describes the collapse of the European regime for nutrition and health claims regarding food. A…

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REGULATIONS – allergens on labels, the most common errors

college prodotti allergeni

For several years anyone who writes deals with, among other things, informing consumers of allergenic ingredients. European rules, which took off with…

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EUROPE – Allergens in public eating places, the memento of the Italian Ministry of Health

gazz-uff-prodotti allergeni

The EU regulation 1169/2011, please note, introduced the general duty to inform consumers about allergens. And before the FIR (1) torns into FIRE, pub…

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EUROPE – Allergens, how to ensure the application of the rules today


The protection of consumers suffering from food allergies is rooted in the so called 'General Food Law' (1), as well as in the so called Aller…

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EUROPE – Obligation to indicate the country of origin on ‘Italian sounding’ products

reg.Ue 1169

'Perhaps not everyone knows that' – or have not noticed that- the 'Food Information to Consumers' Regulation (1) introduced a first an…

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EUROPE – Origin of milk, of horse meat and game


On the 20th May 2015, the European Commission, as mentioned, has filed a report on the origin of the raw materials of mono-ingredient food, of those w…

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EUROPE – Origin of raw materials, the Commission proposes to maintain the ‘status quo’


On the 20th May 2015, the European Commission published the report on the country of origin or place of origin indication of unprocessed foods, of pro…

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EUROPE – Origin of the meat used as an ingredient in other products


The indication of origin on the labels of meat has been mandatory http://www.greatitalianfoodtrade.it/news-food-times/origine-delle-carni-dall-1-april…

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