Conventional rice husk for organic beer filtration?

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I have a doubt about the use of conventional rice husk for the filtration of organic beer. Is it possible to use rice husk - analyzed as MOCA and with no sales - not certified organic?

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Answers Roberto Pinton - expert in organic productions and historical member of IFOAM Organics International (1) - and Dario Dongo

Dear Roberto good morning,

The proposed use of husk allows it to be qualified as an inert adjuvant of the filtration process. Therefore excluding that it can be configured as an ingredient, additive or technological adjuvant. (2)

Inert filtration, the requirements

The reg. EU 848/2018 it does not refer to specific requirements regarding filtration aggregates. However, they too must meet the general criteria and objectives of the organic production system. (3)

The reg. EU 606/2009 on oenological practices, on the other hand, prescribes that 'lAny use of an adjuvant must not leave undesirable residues in the treated product'.

Organic beer, pesticide residues not allowed

Attention it must therefore be addressed to:

  • exclude the release of residues not of husk itself, but of the active ingredients used in the pesticide treatments of rice. They must therefore
  • adopt precautionary and preventive measures (up to excluding the use of conventional rice husk), for
  • exclude the release in the filtered beer of the residues of flutriafol, azoxystrobin, trifloxystrobin, difenconazole and other active ingredients used in rice cultivation.

Bio-proof HACCP

The filtration of bio beer with conventional rice husk will be allowed only if the carry over residues can be safely excluded. To this end, it is necessary to:

  • analysis of critical control points (Hazard Analysis on Critical Control Points) and the adoption of any measures, to be shared with the control body,
  • periodic updating of the analysis, taking into account any possible variation in supplies (eg country notebooks) and processes.


Roberto and Dario


(1) Sale of bulk and pre-wrapped organic foods, checks and labels. Roberto Pinton answers. FARE (Food and Agriculture Requirements). 27.5.19

(2) If the material qualifies as an ingredient or adjuvant, it should be organic, or included in Annex V to reg. EU 1165/2011 (or authorized, by way of derogation, at national level)

(3) Donato Ferrucci, Dario Dongo. Production and labeling of organic products, reg. EU 2018/848. The ABC. GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade). 2.2.22

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