Food labels, are we really ready? Immediately in compliance with FARE

From 14 December 2014, the new rules on food labels and advertising introduced by Regulation (EU) no. 1169/11. Important news on the indication of allergenic ingredients, specification of the nature of the vegetable oils and fats used, minimum height of characters, expiration date on each individual package, and a new reference scheme for the nutritional table which will become mandatory for almost all of the produced as of December 14, 2016.

In the middle of the ford, many operators have so far underestimated the regulatory reform, thanks also to the fact that the supervisory authorities still lack the sanctioning tools to punish violations. Consequently, a significant portion of the shelf labels, such as information signs on the points of sale, do not comply with current legislation.

The situation remains critical, from the point of view of the more or less unwitting operators, under several aspects:

- the risk of criminal sanctions in the event of a lack, or incompleteness and generality, of information on the presence of allergenic ingredients or their derivatives, resulting in harmful events to the detriment of vulnerable consumers,

- the risk of being unprepared, with stocks of non-compliant packaging, when the fateful "sanctions decree" is published,

- the risk of suffering sanctions in other European countries, where the same rules are actually applied.

In consideration of the above and the often unexpressed needs of food production and distribution companies, the FARE team until 29 February 2016 offers new customers a 20% Off on the technical-legal revision of the first label submitted. With the idea of ​​carrying out a "check-up" useful for realizing one's level of "compliance" with the rules in force.

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