MEDEA International Summer School in Catania

The first edition of the MEDEA International Summer School will take place in Catania from 24 to 29 May 2020, focusing on the themes of the Mediterranean diet, biodiversity and functional foods. The initiative is promoted by the University of Milano-Bicocca in collaboration with various institutions active in the eastern part of Sicily, around the Etna volcano.

MEDEA, 5 days

The seminar offers a cultural, scientific and sensorial path to deepen the knowledge on the value of the cultivation, transformation and tasting of typical foods of the Mediterranean diet of organic agriculture.

The frontal lessons and the practical courses held - in English - by university professors and professionals from different research areas provide a modern and updated interpretation of the basic foods of the Mediterranean diet. Functional (and delicious) foods, with a scientifically proven role in a healthy lifestyle.

The full immersion it includes lectures, field trips, workshops and group exercises. During lunch and dinner, through the myths of Sicilian culture and sensory experiences, MEDEA will tell the story of food by reinterpreting ancient flavors of culture.

The arguments and the people

The themes developed during the 5 days of the Summer School are the following:

- Mediterranean diet, nutraceuticals, functional food diet and interaction with the microbiota,

- ancient grains and different cultivars, with a visit to the Experimental Graniculture Station on the slopes of Etna,

- cultivation of citrus fruits, exotic plants and different cultivars

- excursion to the fields around Acireale and Taormina,

- aquaculture organic, honey and oil,

- visit in the field to the nucellar oil cultivar.

The teachers

The teaching staff it is made up of academics and professionals. First of all, the members of the scientific committee of MEDEA, all professors at the University of Milano-Bicocca:

- Rosario Musumeci, microbiologist, on 'The influence of the Mediterranean diet on the microbiota'.

- Paola Palestini, biochemist, coordinator of the master in Applied Dietetics and Nutrition, on 'Biochemistry Pills: Yin and Yang, Alcohol and wine and importance for health‘,

- Emanuela Cazzaniga, biochemist and nutrition specialist, researcher from Milan-Bicocca, on 'Biochemistry Pills - Cereals and fiber and importance for health‘,

- Alessandra Bulbarelli, biochemist, researcher from Milano-Bicocca, on 'Biochemistry Pills - Vitamins and importance to health'.

Among other teachers of the Summer School, there are

- Michele Sculati, nutritionist, who reports on 'The Mediterranean diet, nutraceuticals and their function‘,

- Francesco Ancona, agronomist at AgrinovaBio2000, on 'Organic citrus and exotic fruit cultivation‘,

- Dario Dongo, Ph.D in European food law, founder of GIFT and FARE, on 'Food labels, organic legislation, pesticide risk and the role of industry giants, Bayer-Monsanto first and foremost. '

How to participate

The Summer School it is aimed at students, doctoral students, professionals in medicine, biology, biotechnology, agricultural sciences and agri-environmental sciences.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Sicily Social Farms Network, participants can stay at the Tenuta Giarretta farmhouse, near Catania airport.

The inscriptions they are open until March 15, 2020. Cost 500 euros. For information, visit the site of the MEDEA Summer School.

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