Factory location, excluding pre-wrappers? The lawyer Dario Dongo answers

Hi Dario,

By virtue of the fact that the new decree on the site of the plant comes into force on October 22, 2017, I would need to understand what is meant by prepacked product.

I believe that it is any product sold to the final consumer by piece or with equalized weight. Please correct me if I have misinterpreted.



The lawyer Dario Dongo, Ph.D. in European food law, answers

Dear Aldo good morning,

il legislative decree 15 September 2017 n. 145 it applies only to prepacked foods, albeit in the hypothesis in which they are intended for the community or in the stages of trade prior to sale to the final consumer.

The definition of food pre-packed is obtained from the regulation Food Information to Consumer:

'prepacked food': the sales unit intended to be presented as such to the final consumer and to the community, consisting of a food and the packaging in which it was packaged before being put on sale, wrapped in whole or in part by such packaging, but in any case in such a way that the contents cannot be altered without opening or changing the packaging; 


'prepacked food' does not include food packaged in places of sale at the consumer's request or prepacked for direct sale; 

(EU reg. 1169/11, article 2.2.e).

The exclusion of pre-wrapped CDs from the scope of the new rules, sorry but not surprising. Considering that the pre-wrappers have been excluded, among other things, from the iObligatory indication of the origin of the milk on dairy products.

A hug and see you soon


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