Communication and media relations

media relations

Communicating an initiative or a project, the outcome of a job or a result achieved, an urgency, a position. A need that recurs in many organizations, private and public, which do not always have the internal resources or at least the ability to get their messages where they would like.

Nobody can work miracles and it cannot be expected that any news disclosed in any way will reverberate in the national news. It is still necessary to deal with reality, follow the press reviews and the 'hot topics', identify the 'opinion makers' and possible supporters, modulate the news in relation to concepts and key words that can best make them emerge.

The Communication area e media relations of WIISE, the parent company of FARE, puts a competent press service at the service of its customers. Consultancy services are added to the traditional press office activity, communication plan  e media training, as well as a wide network of relations with the representatives of the social partners concerned and the media.

Finally, multi-lingual communication services are available in audio-video formats, video for the web, infographics, social networks.

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