Due diligence, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

Sustainable DevelopmentCreate, monitor and develop sustainability of the activities of business - it means generating long-term value for the organization, the territories where it operates and its interlocutors.

A cultural advance historically based on the concept of CSR (corporate social responsibility) it is progressively evolving towards the new paradigm of CSV (Contributing to Social Values). In response to the changing needs ofShareholders and to the stakeholders.

The path developed in the last decades in terms of control procedures - on its organization and possibly its supply chains (supply chain leaders) - thus becomes a asset strategic, which becomes part of the mission of the company and its positioning on the market.

In this scenario, FARE collaborates with organizations into imagine, create, applicare a holistic system of social responsibility management. On the basis of analyzes and audits of existing policies and procedures, risks and opportunities are analyzed to develop and share growth programs which may also include the application of specific standards and management systems (e.g. SA 8000, ISO 20400, ISO 26000, B-Corp).

In this context, our team offers strategic consulting and training services at all levels of the organization (including suppliers), in view of effective and widespread engagement ine politicalhe of CSR / CSV.

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