Labeling and consumer information


labels food, nutritional tables, nutritional and health-related claims (cd nutrition and health claims), advertising and more generally all kinds of information  to the consumer relating to food and beverages is subject to continuous evolution. In fact, the constant updating of the rules, their application and interpretation in the various institutional and territorial contexts, inside and outside the European Union, contributes to company initiatives - such as the development of new products and commercial policies -.

In these areas, FARE's consultancy includes the study and design of new labels in accordance with the law, in conjunction with the quality and marketing or the customer's foreign trade. On the basis of product data sheets and commercial needs, after analyzing the ingredient data sheets and analytical data, the range of opportunities available to build transparent, effective and correct information is therefore elaborated.

With regard to the pre-existing labeling, the revision work - for the purposes of compliance with the Italian, European and foreign country regulations where the goods are destined - can be preceded by a audit at the Customer, in order to evaluate the state of the art and plan subsequent interventions. In a logic of economy and resource optimization, in conjunction with the competent corporate functions.

Without ever forgetting the necessary verification of compliance of any form of communication relating to the company and products, including brochure, websites and social networks.

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