Legal and regulatory services

Legal services

In a complex and dynamic regulatory context such as the food one, the definition of corporate, associative and institutional strategies requires a precise knowledge of the rules in place, of those in progress, and of the possibilities of interacting positively with them. They need one expertise legal and regulatory (in the two ascending and descending phases, i.e. construction and application of the rules), with a global vision and a synergy of multidisciplinary skills. In a word, DO.

Il network di FARE is made up of lawyers and technicians specialized in the various areas of food law, competition law, commercial and corporate law, criminal and administrative law, taxation, intellectual and industrial property.

FARE collaborates on a regular basis with leading law firms, consultancy firms and professionals in various continents, in order to offer its customers:

  • evolution updates ongoing all regulatory aspects that may have an impact on their activities and investments,
  • legal and regulatory advice on national, European and international regulations,
  • direct representation and / or coordination of litigation, including international arbitration,
  • technical consultancy and legal appraisals,
  • drafting of procedures compliance company, also for the purposes of administrative responsibility of entities and crisis management,
  • assistance on M&A and financial transactions.

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