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Italy represents by far one of the most mature European markets in the nutraceutical sector; Italian consumers are in fact more and more inclined to use these products: just think that, according to a study presented by Ims Health in 2015, per capita expenditure reached 41 euros, compared to 27 of the European average, positioning itself again above other economic indicators such as retail spending or consumer confidence. In recent years, the trend has been continuously growing, always settling on double-digit values.
The evolution of this market goes hand in hand with greater consumer awareness of the concept of health, pushing consumers to associate wellness and prevention-oriented products to their daily diet.

Nutraceutical products have thus finally entered the usual use of many medical specialists, who increasingly use them in traditional pharmacological therapies, opening new and promising horizons to the European market.

The consultancy activities that our specialists can provide in the nutraceutical sector concern various areas; the service offered can be integrated "turnkey", or aimed at specific individual activities.

Formulation of food supplements and functional products

- Formulation of new food supplements and functional products, in collaboration and according to the standards of the reference pharmaceutical workshop.

- Preliminary study of the market, both in developed and emerging countries.

- Collection of baskets of products from various competitors and market analysis.

- Consumer price analysis by SKU (SKU = product identification codes) and SKU placement in a specific market segment.

- Analysis of the formulations, proposal for possible modifications in terms of cost saving, improvement of the formulation.

- General reformulation of existing products, including the re-evaluation of the dosages of the active ingredients, with a view to marketing and improving their characteristics.

- Procurement of high quality raw materials, accompanied by technical data sheet, any supporting scientific literature and, when required, safety data sheet (buyer consulting for companies).

- Assistance for the verification of any tenders and tenders aimed at EU funding of innovative projects.

- Ingredient safety report, evaluation of possible interactions with drugs or other.

Texts, boxes and labels

- Technical support for verifying the correctness of the labeling, the composition, including the table relating to nutritional information and any claims.

- Supply of technical data sheets based on data from scientific literature.

- Revision or development of package leaflets and boxes.

Ministerial practices and technical reports

- Notification procedure for food supplements and dietetic products.

- Drafting of the evaluation of the safety and properties of food supplements contained in the products, on a bibliographic basis, in accordance with the most recent guidelines of the European Commission.

- Technical-scientific reports to demonstrate the safety of food supplements formulated with plant-based ingredients (botanicals).


- Identification of claims applicable to the product: verification of compliance with existing claims and support for any changes to be made to the product formula.

Toxicological assessments

- Research data in scientific literature on raw materials and substances in general.

- Any additional testing.

Assistance for the sale of food supplements

- Preparation of the paperwork for the issue of Free Sale Certificates.

- Support for the sale of food supplements in non-EU countries.

Graphic and marketing support

- Study and design of boxes and labels in compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Preparation of brochures, leaflets, technical sheets and advertising material.

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