Strategic and technical consultancy

Strategy and technology (research and development, quality) these are crucial areas that tend to fall within the competences of different company departments that are not always as interconnected as they might deserve.

The various and variable market trends can sometimes lead to reflections on new areas of intervention in terms of developing new products or reformulating existing ones, replacing packaging materials and formats, broader reforms on procedures and certifications, raw materials and sources of procurement of goods and services, including energy.

The advice offered by FARE and his network, on these areas, it is worth expressing an external and qualified point of view for the knowledge of the market, technical and regulatory contexts and where customers turn their commercial horizons. Research, stimuli and proposals for solutions that can sometimes appear as the fateful 'Columbus's egg', and maybe they are too. Provided there are useful contributions to improve the positioning of customers in the international, local or global arena set for the purpose.

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