The FARE Project

FARE was founded in 2012 as a division of WIISE Ltd., at the initiative of Dario Dongo, a lawyer. After twenty years of experience, first in a law firm, then as the head of Legal Affairs of the Italian company Ferruzzi group, then as the head of European and regulatory policies of Federalimentare, Dario Dongo has developed the project FARE with the aim of integrating all the legal, technical and regulatory, public relation and lobbying services, on an international scale.

A series of collaborations and synergies with stakeholders, professionals and international media have been developed over the years for the best convenience of the clients, either companies, associations and organizations, operating in the food and feed, food contact materials, consumer goods areas.

The service organization has had further development with the arrival of Luigi Mancini, a technical expert on food hygiene and safety, certifications, food and beverage labeling.

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